Tamworth Motorcycle Club ​​

​Whats up next at Oakburn 


​East Coast Side Car Round Up Grand FinalHng 1

Y Sign on from 1pm                Racing starts at 4pm                                                                         Support Classes inc      Snr 450's,     Snr 250's,   Jnr 250'se
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Saturday 21St October


 Round 1

   Summer Slam Series

   Racing from 4pmr

​When in Doubt,...
​                         ​Throttle it out!     
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Club Days
Practise day             first Saturday of the Month

                                       Race day                  every 3rd Saturday of the Month

​​Our Sponsors

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What You Need To Race​​

Juniors - Under 16's

- 5 hours in the junior coaching logbook (yellow book), club membership and a racing liscence. 

To start you need to obtain a log book (yellow book) from Motorcycling NSW and must complete
the Kickstart program regularly held at our practise days.

Seniors - Over 16's

Club Membership, Racing License

Seniors can purchase a club membership and a Day License to race at a Club Day

Membership Fee's

​Club Membership fee's are incorporated into your race fee's

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